'When I first met Esther, I was a little lost and fuzzy-minded. After a few sessions, I was able to have some clarity and peace in my mind. Esther was so patient and understanding of my specific needs, and met me with a new challenge every session, that helped me understand how to deal with each situation in my life, without patronising me or telling me what to do. I felt very comfortable in her presence and looked forward to our weekly session. Now that we have completed treatment I have been left with some great tools that I will certainly use throughout my life.' - K, Skype client.

'I was referred for cognitive behavioural therapy from Anxiety UK for help with anxiety and a phobia.  Esther made me feel at ease and free to speak openly about my issues. She worked out a programme of steps for me to work through, enabling me to gradually face my fears, and helped me become aware of the negative thinking at the root of the problem. The therapy has given me the tools to cope with my phobia, given me more confidence and led to a great reduction in anxious thinking. Thank you!' - A, Skype client.

'I found the experience to be a very supportive one. It really helped having an objective person to talk to who was not connected to my business area. Esther reminded me that what I was feeling was very natural, given the trauma I had gone through. She enabled improvement by helping me to develop tools and techniques for my individual situation.' - E, telephone client.

'Esther puts you at your ease as soon as you meet her and I felt completely comfortable discussing my feelings and anxieties. The therapy has been very beneficial to me. Thank you so much, Esther!' - J, face-to-face therapy client.